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"Putting your health first" Your local community pharmacy dispensing NHS prescriptions & private prescriptions. We offer a full range of health information and in store pharmacy services from NHS Medicine Use Reviews, NHS New Medicines Service, Repeat Prescription Service, Morning after pill and advice on Quitting Smoking. Our qualified Pharmacist and trained staff are available to discuss any symptoms or health concerns you may have and make recommendations from a wide range of health products available in store.
"Putting your health first"   Your local community pharmacy dispensing NHS prescriptions & private prescriptions.We offer a full range of health information and in store pharmacy services from NHS Medicine Use Reviews, NHS New Medicines Service, Repeat Prescription Service,  Morning after pill and advice on Quitting Smoking.   Our qualified Pharmacist and trained staff are available to discuss any symptoms  or health concerns you may have and make recommendations from a wide range  of health products available in store.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception



What is emergency hormonal contraception?

Emergency hormonal contraception (EHC) ( also called as morning pills) are medicines taken in an emergency when the normal contraception fails during unprotected sex.

Most EHC pills have to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to be effective.


Where can I get Emergency Hormonal Contraception?

Emergency hormonal contraception pills can be easily bought from the pharmacies. Women belonging to certain age groups can register for the Patient group direction (PGD) in the pharmacies, and get free prescription contraception pills call today to find out more information – Kasli Pharmacy 02476 328144


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